Monday, April 20, 2009

Why make things difficult for us?

I received a call on Sunday night. Conversation as follows:

Mr Chan: Is this Adrian!!!
Adrian: Yes?
Mr Chan: I received a letter from NTUC Income. Tell me what is it?
Adrian: I'm sorry. I don't know what letter they sent. Can you describe a bit more on what was written on it?
Mr Chan: I don't understand what they sent. Can you go find out what letter was that?
Adrian: Can you read a bit on the heading of the letter?
Mr Chan: I tell you to go find out from NTUC Income!!! (Shouting at me). Why ask me so much? Adrian: How about allowing me to drop by your place this week and take a look at this letter?
Mr Chan: I don't have the letter now. You just go find out!

Monday Morning:
I sent a email to NTUC Income CS Dept, trying to find out what it is. So far no reply from them.

Monday evening:
Mr Chan: Adrian Khiat!!! Have you found out what NTUC Income sent me?
Adrian: I still have no idea what NTUC Income sent you. Can I drop by your place this Thurs or Fri evening. I will explain every detail of that letter NTUC Income sent you.
Mr Chan: I had given you a day to find out what they sent me. What sort of agent are you? Can't even do such a simple thing?
Adrian: Pls don't shout at me. Can I offer to drop by your place on Thurs or Fri night? I shall explain on that letter.
Mr Chan: I have no time for you. You call me few days later. I see if I'll free to meet you.
(From beginning to end, he was practically shouting at me)

* Mr Chan purchased an Incomeshield from me in Jan 07, he purchased an annuity and Living Policy from another agent previously. I have no idea if this letter pertains to the bonus issue for his annuity but he refuse to give me info.
* Its a difficult client. He was very rude to me. He took me for granted, he makes things difficult for me on purpose. I felt terrible and lousy but I will keep my promise to see through this letter. Still have to wait if he wants to me meet for such a personalised service. Keep you guys posted.


I met Mr Chan on 5th May from 9:30pm to 11pm. NTUC Income actually sent him a 3 page endorsement to reflect recent changes in the plan. The endorsement looks quite messy to me and hence I had requested a whole new policy to be printed out for him.

I brought that policy to his place, I spent half a day translating a large part of that policy into Chinese and I use it to explain paragraph by paragraph. It was very stressful because my Mandarin is pretty lousy and he scrutinises on every word that I'd said.
He insisted that I must go to his place and update him every year whether there are changes or not.

My feeling was mixed if I should have gotten such client in the first place. Its a difficult client and I'm sure there will be more problems in future. But sometimes, it because of these difficult clients that we learnt the most.


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Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Mr Chan still not free to meet me.
NTUC Income most likely sent him a new policy of his renewed Incomeshield.

Wants me to call him this week to confirm.

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Well, thats the sacrifice one has to take as an insurance agent.