Monday, June 29, 2009

Darling or Burden???

I was referred to Ms Lim recently by one of my existing client. She called me on my handphone requesting my assistance to see through her Insurance Plans. She wants to know what are the insurances that she had purchased in the past.

I dropped by her Seng Kang place in the morning as requested. In the house was herself, her Dad-in-law and her maid. She is in her early 40s and Dad-in-law in his early 70s. As usual, I introduced my company and my range of services. I shared with her about benefits of Financial planning and the type of insurance, etc.

In the midst of our discussion, I smelled something foul, seemingly from the Room and Ms Lim suddenly covered her face and lamented "Not again". I don't know what happened and asked her. She told me that it was her Dad-in-law. She led me to his room and allowed me to take a glimpse of what had happened.

Her Dad-in-law had just shitted on his diapers and dug some shit out from the diapers and rubbed on the wall. I was lost for words and Ms Lim called her maid to clean up the mess and we proceeded to the void deck for further discussion.

Ms Lim later shared with me that her Dad-in-law suffered from Severe Dementia few years ago and turned for the worst recently. He could not remember anything and was acting like a baby since early this year.


Few things went through my mind today...
a) We will age one day. I can be a burden like her Dad-in-law in future if I'm not careful.
b) We better be prepared for Long Term Care Insurance. I don't think Ms Lim's in law has an Eldershield because it was not available then.
c) We better be prepared for our own retirement. We will be a real burden if we do not save for ourselves now.
d) Severe Dementia is one of the 30 Critical Illnesses. There is no need to be hospitalised but long term domestic care is needed. If you feel that we don't need a CI plan after age 60 or 65, make sure you have enough money to take care of yourself...

My mind is very heavy today. This question keep popping in my mind. Do I want to be a Darling or a Burden to my family one day???


Anonymous said...

food for thought.


Anonymous said...

Thats why our PAP govt make sure we are covered under Eldershield when we are old. The best thing is that they do not bother to help pay a single cent of the premium.


Anonymous said...

I thought Eldershield cease after 85 and after that, you are on your own.

Or that your dependents will be heavily burdened financially by sick parents.

jdm said...

is Dementia covered under eldershield? i thought only disabilities that will hinder 3 out of the 6 ADL.