Sunday, August 9, 2009

The 3 fraudsters near my office

1) January 09 - Outside Fish & Co at Bugis Junction
An Indian man with a Turban stopped me and told me that my luck seems to be good but my fortune could not be materialised. He quickly introduced himself to be from India specialises in fortune telling and Horoscope. AsI was not rushing, I stopped and listened to him. He told me a lot of things about fortune and even analyse my weaknesses in life, etc. He then asked me to write the name of a flower and he claims that he knew what I wrote. True enough, he really managed to guess the name of flower correctly.
I was more puzzled on how he guess it right and started to listen more from him. After saying another 5 minutes, he suddenly asked for $10 from me, saying that this is the cost of consultation. His demand surprises me and I quickly walk away. He tried to stopped me but I don't dare to turn my head around...

2) June 2009 - Outside Opera Institute
A chinese man in his later 40s stopped me and told me that he lost his wallet and need some cash to take bus home. I asked how he lost his wallet and he said that he was having lunch in the hawker centre and his wallet got missing. I gave him $1 and he told me not enough. He asked for another $2. As I was rushing to work, I relent and gave him a total of $3.
Today, I saw that same man, saying the same thing with another young man near bugis junction. I realised at that point that I was conned the other time. I walked past them, turned my body and shake my head to that young man. I quickly walked away and heard vulgarities hurled at me. Everyone was looking at him. I then heard that the vulgarities coming nearer and I ran into Bugis Junction to hide into the crowd.

My heart nearly popped out when the voice got nearer. I was really scared that he will come fight with me. I really don't feel like fighting or quarrel with anyone.

3) August 09 - Outside St Joseph Church at Queens Street
A man was limping outside the Church. He seems to be in his mid 40s and had tatoos on his hand. I asked him what happened and he told me that he had fallen from a kerb and injured his leg. He was limping and seems to be in great pain.

I offered to call an ambulance and he told me that it is not necessary. I offered to call a cab for him to bring him to KK hospital or SGH, he told me that he don't have the money.
Then I asked how I can help, he said that he just need to take a cab home and rest. I asked where he stay, he say Sembawang and need around $20 to get a cab.

I sense something was not right and told him that if he got no money, then rest a bit longer in the Church and ask his friends or family to come fetch him. He pleaded with me to help and to pity him but and I quickly walked away.
After the 3 experiences, I am actually quite scared in offering help to a stranger again. Haizzz...


Anonymous said...

Lesson to be learnt - If you feel, you are being conned and thus "scared" to help, find a needy on your own and help. Do not let minor incidents like above from doing good for real people in need.

Falcon said...

This Singh has been doing his rounds for the last twenty years. My police friends have told me that he has been arrested some several years back but mysteriously left the country and could not be stopped. Real foreign talent indeed. Hope the terrorist don't recruit him. He was actually charged with rape. He has some supernatural powers and seem able to know what you are thinking. That helped him identify his victim, who was a pretty receptionist who was having some problems with her boyfriend. He showed some of his "magical powers" and the rest is in the police files. I personally met him in 1992 and I must say I was impressed with his ability to know the animal and the flower that I have written on a piece of paper that was not shown to him. He wanted thousands of dollars but I offer him one dollar instead, for the amazing show that he performed. He was angry and accused me of treating him like a beggar. I corrected him by saying I do not give a dollar to a beggar and it is a token of appreciation for his impressive performance. He does know something we do not know, but one thing I am certain, nobody knows the future, what he did was knowing the past. Knowing the future is worth millions, knowing the past is worth a dollar.

Anonymous said...

i got conned by the same indian guy. and i stupidly gave him $4. sigh...