Monday, June 11, 2007

Anything or Whatever???

When your friend asked what you want for your drink in the past? You might say “Whatever” or “Anything”. Your friend will tell you that there is no such drink!
Not sure who is this fellow who came out with the innovative idea of naming the drink “Anything” and “Whatever”. They also came out with all teasing ads on TV and Bus-stops. But whats exactly are in these drinks?

"Anything" – 6 Carbonated Soft-drink
1) Cola
2) Cola with Lemon
3) Apple
4) Fizz up
5) Cloudy Lemon
6) Root Beer

"Whatever" – 6 x Non-Carbonated Flavoured Tea
1) Ice Lemon Tea
2) Ice Peach Tea
3) Apple Tea
4) White Grape Tea
5) Chrysanthemum Tea
6) Jasmine Green Tea
The ads are fresh and I believe a lot of people will buy them out of curiosity in the short term. Over a longer term, we shall see how this company changes their marketing stance.

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