Friday, June 29, 2007

Dealing with Stress

Stress !!!!!!!! Stress !!!!!!!!! Stress!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Rearrange our Time
* Set goals and Prioritize
* Delegate some tasks
* Schedule time for breaks and relaxation

Step 2: Avoid negative Thoughts
* Negative thoughts make us nervous and depressed
* Avoid Mind Reading - Eg, My boss see me as lazy
* Avoid Perfectionist Thinking - Eg, I must be right 100%

Step 3: Learn to say "NO"
* We wants to be helpful, but sometimes we need to help ourselves first
* If we obliged to everything, we may become helpless and angry over time

Step 4: Limit stressful changes
* Eg, buy a car, house, marriage, baby, change job etc all at the same time

Step 5: Live a healthy lifestyle
* Proper diet, regular exercise, yoga, etc

Step 6: Get social support
* Try to find people who are non-judgemental, good listeners
* Build strong support with family, friends and social support groups

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