Monday, September 10, 2007

Fasting Healthily

There are people who fast for religion, there are some for health. Since the fasting month is starting in 2 days time, I like to write about how to fast healthily.


* Some people experiences tireness, headaches, weight gain or even fall sick during fasting period. It was because they did not fast the proper way. So what measures shall we take to correct this?

When breaking fast, hunger experienced throughout the day will drive us to eat excessively. We should not eat just to fill our empty stomach on, we should fill our body with the necessary nutrients.

a) Fruits are best to break the fast, 15 minutes before you start on the solid food.
b) Reduce food with high carohydrates and sugar such as rice, noodles, kuih or cakes. These food lack nuritional values, are fattening and could later cause health problem.
c) Eat food with protein, fatty acids, vitamins and fibres such as vegetables, white meat like chicken breast or fish
d) Reduce intake of oily or fried food. Replace them with steamed or boiled food.
e) Reduce intake of coffee or carbonated drinks. Drink plenty of plain water
f) Can supplement your diet with some vitamins at the end of the day before you go to bed.

To all my Muslim friends. I wish you guys a Happy Fasting Month.

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