Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dining Experience at Lawry's

I went Lawry's The Prime Ribs Singapore at Paragon for lunch today. Heard about the Victorian Style ambience and the famous steak served from Cart. Decided to try it out today.

It was 1:30pm, we were guided to a waiting area as the lunch crowd is still there. Not bad? Still full house for a Tuesday afternoon. After a 10 minutes wait, we were guided into the dining hall. The uniform of the waitress is interesting. Looks like a French maid's uniform. I particularly like the big ribbon behind them. I looked around the hall as I was guided to my seat. The ambience was fantastic, I thought I had travelled back in time to the late 1800s

We ordered 2 set lunches. The California Cut and the Range Trio Combo. Let me have my food review.

1) First come the bread.
* Not bad, the bread are warm and soft enough
* The butter was not well presented. 2 very small piece of butter in such a big plate.

2) Next came the Spinning Bowl Salad.
The Waitress mumbled something and then spin the salad bowl on ice as she pour the salad dressing into the bowl and stir.
* Quite interesting. Something different. But the salad was very normal. Looks like Thousand Island Dressing and Lettuces I bought from NTUC Fairprice.
* I strongly believe I can make better salad than them.

3) Next come main course - The Range Trio Combo.
* The presentation is ok

* I feel that the chicken was a bit too dry and hard to swallow.
* The lamb was fried beyond taste to know that it is lamb.
* The Tenderloin saved the dish. It was real juicy to my standard.
* I pretty like the mango orange sauce for my chicken. The Cheese Risoni goes quite well with it.

4) The California Cut
* The chef pushes a giant cart to our table and ask how we want the steak to be.
* He slides a piece of steak onto the plate and serve it with Mashed potatoes
* Quite boring presentation on the plate.

* Asked for Medium but turn out to be more Medium rare
* California cut is quite small to me but just nice for a lady.
* I tried the steak. It is tender and very juicy.

5) The Yorkshire Pudding
* Taste a bit like the centre part of the egg-tart with croissant. I pretty love it.

6) Desserts - Wild Berry Cheesecake with Vanilla Ice-cream
* You know I'm a cheesecake lover. I simply love this cheesecake. It came with 4 layers. The base crumbs, the cheese, the cake and the thick berry cream. It goes very well with the ice-cream too.

* If I'm going to open a cheesecake shop, I must make it to this standard.

Ok... Ok... Come to the Bill. Its $157 dollars for 2 set lunches with beverage. Wow!!! Heartache!!! We left at 3:30pm after our tea. Don't think will want to come back myself for a meal here. To bring a client to impress them. Still okay.

Ambience - 8
Food - 7
Service - 7
Value - 5

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Anonymous said...

Wah, not every day kind of thing.

I would suggest if you really like steak go to Morton's of Chicago (Oriental Hotel).