Friday, January 11, 2008

CFA books were delivered

I received my CFA books this afternoon. There were 4,500 pages in total. It is another 148 days before exam. Its too late for regrets. I had spent over $4,000 for the course, CFA enrolment and exam.

I need to read 31 pages per day only to cover the books once. Each page looks so wordy and alien to me. I am not finance trained. I am not working as a financial analyst. I have a job that demands a lot of my time.

Never in my life I am faced with such challenge. Do you think I'm foolish to spend the money and time to take up such course at this time when I'm trying to stablise my income?
As I mentioned, its too late to look back. Looks like its a mission impossible. Tell me which God can I pray to...?


Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian CFA more for stockbroker/analyst...sad to say it is not as recognized nowadays compared to the 90s...I took before..failed first time..I stopped..Level one is MCQ Level 3 is killer essay questions...
sorry to pour cold water on your idea..

Good luck hope u pass!

Helmi Hakim said...

You can definitely do it!

You will make it happen! :)

Anonymous said...

My bro was one of the few that pass in his batch at a Expo.

Since than the cert is place huge frame lying on the fail.

Altough he work as an investment analyst for a states firm. He doesn't use it.

The only thing nice was that the Cert is huge in size and the works are written in Brush.

But again, quite difficult to get in to investment unless someone brings you in.

Cause even if you interview for jobs, they will still verify your previous cert and if they find your background in logistics, than it will be difficult.

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

The main reason that I took up CFA is for the additional knowledge in investments, economics and financial statement analysis found in this course to plug my gap as a non-financial background person.

I most probably will only complete Level 1. Level 2 or 3 shall be dependent if I land up with a relevant job in future.