Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Quotes from Mark Laudi

Mark Laudi was featured in Sunday Times on 6th Jan 07. He shared how he views money and financial planning.

Mark was previously a television journalist, who spent 7 years with Business News Network CNBC Asia. He is now a businessman dealing with digital content production and distribution. He also produce video news report on the stock market.

You can see his blog articles regularly at http://investorcentral.blogspot.com/

There are 3 quotes from the Sunday Times article that I found particularly insightful. Maybe you can pick up a thing or two here.

1) "Savings are the most boring but most necessary aspect of financial planning. Whether you choose to invest in mutual funds or stocks, you need to have the money first and the only way to get it is to pay yourself first."

2) "At the supermarket, you buy items when they are on offer, not when they are expensive. Why shouldn't people invest in the stock market in the same way?"

3) "I buy undervalued assets for long term gain. Its the sort of philosophy that allows you to sleep well at night."

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Anonymous said...

Saving is not boring but most difficult.If you can do it , this is the biggest obstacle you have overcome.