Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Current highest FD rate?

I had extracted the below info from a Fixed Deposit Blog dated 4th March @
The rates should still be relevant though may have changed during last 2 weeks.

So where can we get the best fixed deposit rates under current uncertain market where we wish to accumulate our cash?

Not surprising. Its our Finance Companies offering the higher rates...

Sing Finance
$10k-50k - 1% (12 mths)
$10k-50k - 1.125% (12 mths) - Senior
$50k above- 1.55% (12 mths)
$50k above- 1.675% (12 mths)-Senior

Hong Leong Finance
$20K -50k - 1.02%(12mths)
$50k-100K - 1.51%(12mths)
$100k above - 1.56%(12 months)
$50k above- 1.6 % effective rate(12mths,SeniorRate55)

UCO Bank (formerly United Commercial Bank)
$50k above - 1.50 %(12mths)

Isavvy Savings ONLINE Account*
-$50k-$250k - 1.68%
-$250k- $1m -1.78%

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