Monday, May 5, 2008

Melody & Patches 1st Birthday Celebration

Melody and Patches celebrated their 1st Birthday at their Parents place last Saturday.

Melody and Patches are both Minilops and are twins. Melody was adopted by me and is a fair Lady, Patches was adopted by another family and is a handsome gentleman. They were separated 5 weeks after birth and they met again last Saturday.

Look at Patches. His fur is real soft. He is a curious and active rabbit. He look forward our pettings and hugs.

Soon after they meet, they bond immediately. Something I never achieve for my Melody with Local Rabbit "Lovely".

My heart really melted when I saw Patches grooming Melody. A feeling I really can't describe.
Patches is the one with more Brown fur.

These are Patches and Melody's parents

This is their Father (above). Look at how he enjoys our petting.

This is Mother(above). She has a trademark resting position which Patches follows. Melody never rest like that before. Looks like she is laying Eggs, right?

They have another sister. Borned about 1/2 year earlier than Melody and Patches. The photo was just so well taken, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Don,t stick out your neck for a wrong cause, ie. defending your ceo and actuary and being instigated by another colleague of yours,his initials are TP. It is a losing cause.
Enjoy the sight of your cute rabbits. Cuddle and fondle them. They give some happiness and not embroiled in
a fight which you gain nothing. You may get played out.

keelyn said...

Very cute hor...

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Ya. They are really my Bao Bei. I must hug and kiss my rabbits everyday one.

I look forward coming home just to see them everyday.

You want to have one rabbit also?