Monday, May 26, 2008

Music on the "move"

I always admire people with creative ideas and able to think beyond the norm. These people are able to leave others with a deeper impression and stimulate our imagination to do things out of the box.

I happened to pass by Pasir Ris MRT Station this afternoon and a moving piano caught my attention. The pianist, dressed in Victorian Ballroom costume and played real good music on a piano with wheels attached below. He was cycling and making funny facial gestures with his audiences. There was many people crowding round him, taking photographs and enjoying the beautiful music at the same time.

I think thats a creative way to attract people. It had slowed down my pace, and willing to stay for a while to enjoy the music. After staying for 10 over minutes, the word "Arts Festival" came into my mind. It inspired me to log into the net and google for the words "Singapore Arts Festival".

2008 Arts Festival falls on 23rd May to 22nd June. I was surprised that this festival had been around since 1977. Heard about this festival many times but never bothered about it. As I surfed into their website(, I realised that there are so many events ranging from Music, Theatres, Dance, etc. to us to choose.

Well, I am certainly not those artistically inclined person. My encounter with music and the Art Scene started during my polytechnic days when I was a concert band player. However due to work, I have not slow down my pace to enjoy this robust Arts scene in Singapore. Maybe this is a good chance this year.

I'm not promoting Arts today, but I urge everyone to slow down our pace once a while and enjoy the beautiful Arts Scene around us. Log into their website. Take a look...

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