Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Birthday Wishes

It was my birthday 2 days ago. I tried my best to give myself a full day break and avoid work of any kind. Though I made sure I don't touch my computer, my phone still rang several times and many queries via sms. I am simply married to my computer and addicted to work. I felt so uneasy for not checking email for just 1 day.

Birthday certainly don't looks as exciting as before because its just another reminder that I'm getting old. I'm happy to receive a few birthday sms from good friends. I'm also happy that my wife also took a day off from her busy schedule to accompany me. She accompanied me to Ktv to sing. She accompanied me to eat my favourite Ben and Jerry Strawberry Cheesecake ice-cream and she treated me to Hanabi for a Japanese Buffet Dinner. Of course, I also received my birthday gifts from her.

I'm not a successful, intelligent, rich or good looking guy and I felt very blessed that she had chosen me as her life partner. I worked very hard because I want her to feel secured that I'm capable to support a family. She had encouraged my career move out of NTUC Income after I was rejected twice for a Unit Manager Position in the company. It was rather depressing period because I was not even granted an interview for the position and was reject flat via email that they are looking for someone with good sales record.

I think that their rejection is a blessing in disguise because I'm a happier person in my new company. I'm spending more time analysing portfolios and financial planning rather than doing roadshows, door-knocking and telemarketings which I used to do in the past. I discovered that my strength lies in Advisory and not in Sales.

I have 2 birthday wishes this year. To achieve income stablity in my work and to have a baby in the year of Ox. I'm confident that these will be granted with God's blessings.


Anonymous said...

Hey Adrian,

Your wife quite pretty ya. You are indeed blessed. Good luck for your baby dream... :)


Anonymous said...

Adrain, happy belated birthday.
may all your wishes come true.
A baby and a successful career in financial planning.


Anonymous said...

Sure, moving out of ntuc was right thing. You are young and have a long way to go.Doing the right thing is important . Unlike you,your ntuc colleagues are stuck and in the dead end and have to be product pushers for money and contribute nothing to other people's lives.Worse they make them poorer.
Your job now is more meaningful. You may not reap big money now but i am confident that you will. Don't compromise your beliefs and values and succumb to greed and unethical practices like many. These people have no skills like your ex colleagues. Eventually these ntuc people will fall into the traps of unethical practices because that is nothing else they know except selling and pushing. They will be out of job soon. Their days are numbered.Look ahead of you and forget your days at ntuc.Those were nightmare days, unproductive experience and waste of time. Remember to keep away from these product pushers lest you get influenced.You are a professional and not a koyok salesmen at mrt malls roadshow.Mix with successful financial planners. Keep it up.
Happy birthday!! May your wish for a baby be fulfilled and a successful financial planner.

patlim said...

hi, adrian,

please accept my very best belated birthday wishes.

and may all your years be crowned with success in all of your endeavours.

God bless.

ps: sharing with u what i consider the best definition of success:

"success is the gradual realisation of worthy goals."

Derek said...

Hi Adrian,

Happy belated birthday. Best wishes and may your dream come true.


Anonymous said...

Hello Adrian

Happy belated birthday....

Keep the spirits up....nothing stays down forever.


Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Hi John, terminator, Patrick, Derek and Dsea,

Thanks for all your well wishes. Will keep you guys informed when my wishes come true. haha...