Thursday, October 16, 2008

An appreciation from Client

It has been a busy and stressful month for me with quite a number of cases pending due to various reasons. It was quite frustrating with all the ding-donging between me, clients and insurers. Together with the piling administrative work, outstanding financial plans and packed schedule, its a challenge indeed.

In the midst of this hectic month, 3 things happened that strengthen my conviction of being a financial planner. Just like to share one that happened today.

I visited a client to help her implement a proposal that I'd recommended few weeks ago. At the end of the session, she and her husband suddenly offered a gift and thanked me. I was caught by surpise and natually rejected the gift because I felt that I was merely doing my job and nothing extra all these while. I don't think I deserve any gift from them. However, they insisted that I should accept and told me to open the box to check my name. I opened the box and saw a pen with my name carved.

I knew that I cannot reject this gift because my name was already carved on it. They gave me this pen as an appreciation for what I had helped them with over the last few meetings. I was really very touched because they even took the effort to carve my name on the pen. I was very happy and can't stop looking at it during my journey back home.

We met nice and nasty people in this line and its all these nice people that keep our passion burning. Thanks Jenm. Thanks Daniel. I'll continue to do my best for you and your family.


Anonymous said...

They might have thank you too early.
They should have waited till 6 months down the road when their portfolio is 50% in the red.

Anonymous said...

There you are, there are people who appreciate your sincerity and honesty and competence for helping them and NOT stealing from them. INsurance agents and product pushers steal because they don't give anything in return for the fat commission they received.
Over time you should group your customers into groups from those you can write off to those you pay specail attention, like the poor and needy. You are a professional and not a garbage insurance agent who preys on anything.
Keep doing the right and ethical thing and you shall be rewarded

Anonymous said...

I am glad this article is on a positive note of the outcome of your service to your clients.

I can assure you that these folks are people who never take people or things for granted.

See how much distress and agony the banking sectors have caused the distraught people whose life savings are wiped-out by the financial products they bought from them.

Yet, no remorse on their part; having seen how much sufferings
the elderly folks are going through, they offer no consolation.

How can we have a wholesome society if our society advocates
such practices.