Thursday, October 9, 2008

Choice of Hospital Ward Classes

I am one of those who actively promote the private shield plan to my clients. In my opinion, a good medical insurance is the foundation of all insurances. Some had argued me that Medishield will be sufficient or that they are already well covered by their employers. I will give them my frank opinion and all the reasons why they should not save that few dollars for this insurance.

In my next 2 postings, I just like to share with you on what are the hospital wards and the subsidy rate that you might be eligible for those respective wards

* In an unfortunately event that we require to stay in a hospital, we have to choose a class ward very carefully to suit our needs and budget. This will help us manage our finance when it comes to payment of hospital expenses.

Ward A ==> Single Room
* Air Conditioned room with attached bathroom, TV and telephone
* If you scare to sleep alone at night, then you better don't stay there, but
* Your spouse or parent can choose to stay with you with a sleeper unit with some charges
* Ward charges per day is around $280/day for public hospital and $350/day for private hospital

Ward B1 ==> 4-bed room
* Air conditioned room with attached bathroom, Tv and telephone
* I visit my clients very often in this ward. I always feel its a very noisy ward because its enclosed, with 4 TVs on and with many visitors clamped in a small space. Its noisy and hard to rest well.
* Ward charges is around $170/day

Ward B2 ==> 6-bed room
* Naturally ventilated Room
* Not that bad, but very boring to stay in this ward because no TV to watch. You can see nurses moving around and rather distracting.
* Ward charges is around $55/day

Ward C ==> ~8-bed room
* Naturally Ventilated Room
* As boring and more distracting than B2 wards. Often see old uncle and aunties. Don't be surprise to hear these uncle, aunties making funny noises at night and don't be surprise to see trainee nurses and doctors experiment on you if you stay there.
* Ward charges is around $35/day

** All hospitals are required to provide financial counselling to their patients. They will be informed in writing of the estimated charges for hospital treatment and professional consultation fees, if any.
** In event of emergency, immediate family member may choose the ward class on patient's behalf.

** For myself, my medical insurance is covered under the Private Hospital plan, I can choose to stay in Public or Private hospital. I have a choice in whichever hospital and wards. I hope you will have a choice like me too...

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