Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Resolutions

This is my first posting of 2009 and as usual, I shall write about my resolutions.

I was at Vivocity with my wife for the countdown party by Channel 8. Both of us managed to get into the section where all the fans of the celebritites are. It was the one of those front seats and we have a lot of fun with these fans.

We left shortly after the countdown and reached home at around 1:30am. I'd prepared a soft cuddly teddy bear for my wife to welcome her 2009. I have big problem remembering what I bought for her over our 6 years together. Maybe I can make use of my blog to help me remember all these.
After the countdown, I was quite lost over my 2009 resolutions. I was so busy with work over my last 6 months that I only worked on what I see forward. Its like taking a step at a time.
After sitting quietly in front of my computer over the last 3 hours, I had carefully set out my 2009 resolutions?

1) Health
* To be careful with my nutrition. Less oily and fried food. Less chocolates and sweet stuffs.
* I shall sleep and wake up early everyday for the benefit of my health
* To take care of my back and strengthen my back muscle to prevent future sprains again.
* To be a healthier Adrian and able to take care of others who are sick.

2) Physical Well Being
* Be disciplined with my exercise Regime. Twice Gym, Onces jogging or swimming weekly.
* To participate in the annual Army Half Marathon somewhere in Aug or Sep
* To be a stronger and energized Adrian
* IPPT Gold in 2009. Tall order but must try...

3) Career
* Consumers are getting more demanding and knowledgeable but wanting to pay less for adviser's help.
* Its tough but I still find this job one of the most meaningful and fulfilling. I'm enjoying myself and I will continue touching lives to people around me. I assure that I will continue to give my clients the best value possible and be honest with my views. Definitely no career switch...
* I may take up some courses relating to my work. Not decided on which yet.

4) Money
* I don't earn much but I will still spend to understand what life is about. I will dine and holiday in 2009 but maybe through budget tours.
* I must pay tax in 2009 to help the Singapore economy. To pay tax, I probably have to earn at least $30,000 after operating expenses and reliefs.
* Stick to my disciplined savings/investment regime meant for my retirement.

5) Family and Social
* I must try contact all my friends in Secondary Schools, Polytechnic, University, Ex-colleagues at least once in 2009. To say hello and get to know how they are doing.
* To be closer with my parents. Apart from the weekly dinner and my Christmas dinner, I aims to treat my Mum, Dad and Grandma good meals outside more often.
* Kids? Let God decide for me. Not really planning but not preventing. Not attracted by the freebies the govt give. A bit of probia. Probably worried of the insufficient money and lifestyle change.
* I will select a charity and to contribute 5% of my income in 2009.

Well. I think my resolutions are specific and measurable. Today's New Year energy gives me today's resolutions. After that, it’s up to me how things will continue. I shall do what matters most and not taking on more than I can handle. In 2010, I shall review them again. Wish me good luck...


Anonymous said...

Are you not retaking your level 1 CFA?

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

I have to take each step at a time. My focus is on my career, family and fitness now. I'm still sitting on my Youth Executive Committee in my Community Centre and was just asked to be their Hononary Auditor.

Time is a constrain and CFA exam need a lot of time to prepare. I will have to forgo something to achieve something. Thats why no CFA for the moment.

Anonymous said...

If you like chocolates, you can try dark chocolate. Studies show that dark chocolate can lower blood pressure and other benefits. May be you can read up to find out more.

darth said...

not to be a wet blanket or anything, however gyms will be very crowded for the first few months of every year, after which the no of users will slowly decline :)

i've a better idea. Why not keep a set of jogging attire in your office? Go out and jog when you're under stress. You do treat your office as your 2nd home, right?


Krishariss said...

nice blog dude...continue and dont stop