Monday, October 5, 2009

Expensive Chicken Rice

A friend came to Singapore for a one day Business Trip and told me that he really craves for the Chatterbox Chicken Rice at Mandarin Hotel. He heard from a friend who came Singapore years back about this famous chicken rice joint.

I'm a Chicken Rice lover too but I know the Chatterbox Chicken Rice is super expensive and not that fantastic. I tried to persuade him to other Chicken Rice joints but failed. I eventually also feel like eating it and met him for dinner.

We went to level 39 of Mandarin Meritus Hotel that evening. The ambience is very good and we have a nice view of the city. But when it comes to the moment to order the food, I found it hard to accept that I'm going to pay $25.50 for a plate of chicken rice. I thought that it will probably cost lesser if I leave the place immediately and take a cab to Balestier Road for Boon Tiong Kee. Nevertheless, we still ordered.

The dish taste decent to me. The fragrance of the rice is up to my standard. The chicken was sufficient tender as I ordered the Drumstick and the chilli + ginger sauce are still my favourite. The letdown is the soup which taste a bit too salty as if there are are lot of MSG. The serving is also a bit too little for me. I believe a plate of plain rice will cost me a bomb and and hence did not order another bowl of rice.

I don't think I'll come back here again unless I have a lot extra cash to spend. I treated my friend as he is nevertheless a guest to my country. With GST and Service charge, 2 plates of chicken rice cost me $60+. I can never imagine that I'll spend so much money just to eat "Chicken Rice"...

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Anonymous said...

The chicken rice there is not meant for you and me. It is meant for rich foreigners and foreign CEOs who use high falutin excuses like reshaping your bonuses so they themselves get fat bonuses to splurge on Chatterbox Chicken Rice, with the blessings of our government. Your job and my job and all Singaporeans jobs are to vote in the right government to give us a better life.