Sunday, October 25, 2009

Outing with grannies at the Zoo

I had an outing with my colleagues to the Zoo 2 weeks ago. This time was not as a young schoolboy who visits the zoo as part of school excusion but to lead a group of 50 grannies and grandpas for a day of fun. The grannies and grandpas are from the Thye Hua Kuan Moral Society (Telok Blangah Branch). I was part of the committee who organised this event.

We chartered 2 buses and we set off to the zoo at around 9:30am. The Zoo provided breakfast on arrival and we took this time to mingle with the old folks. After breakfast, we queue up for the tickets and started our walk where the old folks were happily taking photos.

We then boarded the tram to watch the animals comfortably without sweat

After the tram ride, we had a short walk to the site for Elephant Show

We proceed for lunch thereafter at the Ah Meng Resturant

It was a very simple 3 course lunch with chicken, vegetable, toufu and rice. It was simple but the old folks really enjoyed themselves.

We had a stroll again after lunch and waited for the SeaLion show which I admit was fantastic. It was around 3pm when everything ended but the rain started to pour and all of us have to scramble for umbrella and bring every old folk to the carpark where the bus was waiting for us.

The old folks was very happy after the event. They kept talking to us though I don't understand all that they said. Everything was perfect except for the rain and an incident where 2 old folks fight using their tongkat. Can't imagine old folks at 80 yrs old also fight.

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