Sunday, November 29, 2009

6 claims this week!!!

It was a busy and stresful week for me but unfortunately nothing to do with income generating but time taken away from me to generate more income.

I don't know what happened this week. I normally receive one to two claims per month but this week, I received six!!! My zodiac star probably went out of position.

4 Incomeshields, 1 Personal Accident and 1 motor.
For the Shield Plans,
1 due to H1N1 in Malaysia (2 yr old boy)
1 due to Piles Removal
1 due to Prostate Enlargement
1 due to a 3 days Observation (Weak Heart and bloated stomach)
For the Accident Plan, the child fractured his finger
For the Motor Plan, its a 3rd party claim against another driver.

For the H1N1 case, I received so many calls from the worried mother in Malaysia asking if his insurance is claimable, asking what I need to get from doctor, asking if I need to send her form, etc. For the rest, they all called me to ask if the insurance is claimable.

I was very stressful to be asked "My insurance can claim or not?" because I cannot be absolutely sure everytime and I'll be stress until the payout is made.
Once payout made, I'll need to help clients with the pre and post hospitalisation bills. This is when the busy time comes. For some cases, I will need to bring claim form, fill up for them and monitor the claims process.

For the Motor case, I'm also stressed because the accident happened in the early morning 7:30am when I'm still in bed. My client sounds agitated and asked me what to do at the scene of accident. I had a very late night and was very tired. It took half a day before his car are sent to the workshop and he kept calling me from time to time.

Claims is part and parcel of our profession and I very sure that I'm probably doing more claims than other advisers due to the large no. of Shield and PA clients that I have. I know the type of common claims and I have a good idea on the type of bills to be expected. For certain medical conditions, the bill can still be sizeable even when you choose the B2 ward. Medishield alone might not protect you adequately. I'm speaking from my personal experience and I hope you can be proactive in ensuring that you get protected early.


Anonymous said...

Before you tire yourself out always check with the clients whether he or she is interested in a financial check up. No point give one and end up with a sheild plan. These consumers are exploiting you.

Anonymous said...

It is all part and parcel of your job. Remember no one take a knife and force you to become a financial adviser.

Chill out mate. Whatever happened today will be a thing of the past tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

haha... you're lucky... my friend's frm GE and his client bought 150k sum assured for CI and full shield plan and rider and was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer a few months later, and everything claimed successfully. but the sad thing is that my friend kena scolded by his client's mother until very poor thing.. said buy insurance is suay one.. who ask you buy.. ???

Anonymous said...

What happened this week were that the policyholders are sick and tired of being taken for rides by insurance companies and are retaliating in order to seek balance amongst themselves. So your job is going to be more and more difficult as for every action, there is a reaction. So all these bonus cutting and reshaping means policyholders are also wising up to the game and reshaping their demands and claims.
Go for a job that gets better as you age. All this running around is going to take a bigger toll on your health and happiness of your family as you reach middle age. Make the change well before your sell by date otherwise you are going to be unhappier as the years go by. NTUC Income has made the wrong move by their rebranding as anyone can see that they are getting from good to bad two years ago and getting from bad to worse now. As for the other companies they are not even worth mentioning. So why endure so much for so little rewards? Invest in yourself and your family by seeking help from professionals. There are good people out there who can even help for free. Listen to them and change course for the better before it is too late. Your mental health is suffering and you can lapse into depression if you are not careful and continue this present course. Round hole, square peg, do you get it, Adrian? It does not mean square peg is not good but it can only fit into a square opening. You are a good person at heart and you have to find a suitable situation for yourself. Not only for yourself but your family as well. Have a serious discussion with your wife who will be the one who understand you best. Then talk to some counsellors, I would recommend Anthony Yeo if he is still around. I am sure he has disciples who can help you analyse your situation and point you in the right direction. God speed.