Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hai Sing Golden Jubilee Dinner

Hai Sing Catholic School celebrated her 50th Birthday yesterday at Suntec Convention Hall. I am always proud to tell others that I belong to the 1st batch of boys in the school when it moved from Hougang to Pasir Ris in 1990. Thinking back, 19 years had passed and its really great to see many friends and ex-teachers who had left deep memories for me and my fellow classmates. For my batch, we had nearly 2 tables filled where we arrange via "FaceBook". Facebook is really powerful and it had keep quite a number of us in touch.

At the entrance, this picture caught my attention. I was standing on the top right corner and I have a good laugh with my friends just to see how much we had changed. Its probably one of the sports day in Secondary 2 or 3.

The dinner was quite boring with all the talks and slideshows initially but things get lively when all these ended. Our table became noisy and we joked about old days again. We quickly walked around and meet our ex-teachers.

The one in the picture is my ex-Chinese Teacher who taught me from Secondary 2 to 4. I was really happy to know that she still remembers me and her impression about me is that I'm a very quiet boy sitting at the corner of the classroom. There are many other photos taken but with my friend's camera. We are very proud to tell all our teachers that almost all of these first batch of boys are well established in our career.

The dinner ended with our school song and one Catholic song which we sang every Moday over my 4 years in Hai Sing. I really sang it loud and clear with my heart.

I encountered something more juicy today. A lady, one year my junior, approached me and asked if I'm Adrian. I replied positively and she told me that she remembers me quite vividly. I was puzzled because I don't know her at all and she is one year my junior. I tried to probe further by asking which CCA she was from and she replied "Choir".

I was more puzzled because I never even know that there is a Choir in my school. She can even tell me that I'm from NPCC. I again probed why she can remembers me, she din give me a direct answer and the conversation stopped shortly as we get busy with other stuffs.

I may never have an answer as of why she remembers me as I din get her contact and I very sure I'll not recognise her if I'm to meet her again. However, its quite a nice feeling to know that Adrian Khiat, being such a low profile guy in Hai Sing Catholic School, so many years ago, actually have a lady, one year his junior, who remembers him. I always thought that I'm such an insignificant guy that nobody will ever even notice me in the past.


Anonymous said...

You are remembered for being quiet. Some for notoriety, some for being talkative, some for their beauty, some for >????????
As long you are remembered for not for some infamous activities or acts or behaviour you should be pleased. This is your up bringing.
Keep up your values and don't succumb to those activities that are so common among insurance agents these days, greed and dishonesty.Your values will protect you from them as they get more rampant and blatantly promoted as if they are norm.
I am sure you have time and again hear this argument by insurance agents to justify their acts.
EG: if you don't do others are doing or if you don't sell this product others will sell it to your clients. This is insidious and you can be caught and if not careful you will soon believe this," if I don't rape her someone else will rape her sooner or later.Why not let me do it first."
Remember, greed and dishonesty are always lurking around.
All the best in your career.

A well wisher

Anonymous said...

Yup..Don't gloat over it.
You are pretty insignificant in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Maybe theres always a handsome guy beside you whom many admired. Thats why she remembers you as the person who is always beside that handsome guys. (just joking)

SGDividends said...


Dudes, how come people can feel shiok putting others down. Just dont get it.

Live and let live my friend...peace to the world.


Anonymous said...

I remember most of the people from my batch and those who are one year younger or older still... so no big deal yar? i think most people do.

Anonymous said...

I only remember vivian balakrishnan and Lui tuck yew were my schoolmates when they became ministars.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she admired you... Haha

Anonymous said...

She must have remember you for some reason(maybe a pleasant one or a bad one , lol). It's a good feeling though, but too bad you didnt get her contact.

Anonymous said...

Haha i was one of the prefect ushers in the jublee dinner... Had fun there!