Thursday, March 22, 2007

5 tips in picking Durian

Picking a Durian is a skill. Like to share with you this skills. Next time Durian Seller cannot trick you.
1) Look at tip of stem. Should be young and white. If its hard, brown and wrinkled. It means they have been picked quite long time ago.
2) Feel the prickles. Should be stiff and sharp. If blunt and tender. It means they could be stale
3) Weigh the durian. Should feel light. If you feel very heavy, it could be overripe and watery inside.
4) Hear the durian as you shake. Should hear seeds shake. No sound could mean unripe or overripe.
5) Smell the durian from:
a) Tail end of durian
b) "Seam" where two segments meet.
Make sure scent is not overpowering which mean fruit could be overriped.

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