Monday, March 26, 2007

Kopitiam Talk - Minister's Salary

This is a hot topic among kopi uncles lately. Like to share my views:
Its already decided, don't need to debate
Onces they'd decided on something, they will expect everyone to swallow it. As a good citizen of Singapore, I am forced to accept it, happy or not, convinced or not...

High or Low? Depends on who you are
For a typical Singaporean, struggling with $2k/month, their salary shall be 100x more, how to accept?
For an elite, wealthy Singaporean who form the top 1% earners of the population, this will be normal.
Depends if you feel they deserved to be in this top 1%.

High or Low? Depends we choose to view big or small
Our budget is about $30billion/yr. If one minister earns $2million a year, its only 0.0067% of the budget. If 100 ministers, then it will be only 0.67%. This small budget seems reasonable if we are able to engaged the best people, making right decisions to spend the balance of the 99.33%.

What I feel?
I'm a typical Singaporean and I am not convinced that we have a serious problem of not able to engage good ministers with the current pay of $1.2million a year.
I'm curious how much George Bush or Tony Blair are earning now and whether they are corrupted or incapable if they are earning less than $2million a year.

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