Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Our Neighbours

I had been reading the news with great interest lately due to our bilateral problems with Indonesia. But do you know what happen? Perhaps I can share a bit with my limited knowledge.

a) Extradition Treaty - It is the surrender of a fugitive to the jurisdiction of another state, country, or government for trial.
My view: There are many difference in our legal framework with the Indonesians. No countries are allowed to detain foreign fugitives unless a treaty is signed between the countries. However note that they are fugitives, not criminals yet. The basis to arrest the fugitive must be solid. If legal frameworks are different, it may become difficult for the Singapore Govt. to arrest someone whom under Singapore law is not an offence.

b) Sand Issue - The Indonesians sited environmental issues.

My view: How true are they? I don't know. Not sure which island had disappeared as what they described.

c) Border Issue - Singapore land area increased from 580 sqKm in 1979 to 699 sqkm in 2006 due to reclamation. Indonesia sited that we could be invading into their territorial grounds.

My view: The Indonesian government are probably trying to invoke nationalism to their people by saying this.

My Overall View: When this small little red dot did well, her larger neighbours feel that the success are attributed to them. Naturally, they will insist that this small nation give in to their demands.

I'm fully supportive of my country decisions by not giving in to pressure. There must be negotiations to get a fair deal. We must show our dignity to gain respect from the world.

Hope things will tide over soon...

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