Thursday, October 11, 2007

Coffeeshop Talk - $$ fm e Citizens

We had a family gathering yesterday and part of our Conversation below:
Mum: IRAS recently crack down very hard on hawkers who misreport earnings. Some of them are hauled to court.

Adrian: Ya. Poor them. Some of them indeed under-report their earnings but many of them are simply ignorant on how to report. Some are family businsses and they don't have any accounting system.

Sis: These people sure kana fined one. You think IRAS will care about their problem how they run the biz?

Dad: Lately, I noticed that LTA are tightening up traffic and parking fines. I can see traffic polices at overhead bridges and wardens at every corner.

Mum: I also noticed that there are officers catching people smoking at Coffeeshops and Hawker Centres. Heard that each of them will be fined $200.

Sis: I think the govt need money already. They are trying to get more money from small Citizens like you and me.


I feel what my sis says knock some senses into me. When the Govt reduces tax for big companies and the Ultra Rich, they will dig into the smaller citizens for more fines, penalties to breakeven. And when they give money, they only give to the lowest income people.

We, in the middle income range are the people who suffers. Only when it comes to election, they will give us something to buy our votes.


Anonymous said...

Hey! You took these pictures?

Anonymous said...

Migrate loh.