Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sexual Wellbeing Survey

Durex, a condom maker, conducted a Sexual Wellbeing Survey in 26 countries on 26,000 people from Aug-Sep06 and publish the report in April 07.

Some some parts of the report with you
* 42 per cent of all Singaporean lovers find their sex lives exciting.
* Nearly half (48%) of those aged over 55 practise oral sex and more than a third act out sexual fantasies.
* Singapore men have had average eight partners, Singapore women 3 partners.
* Globally men have 13 partners while women have 7 partners on average.
* Asians spend less time in intercourse and rarely get orgasm and work is more important for Asians than sex.
* Greeks are most sexually active people while Japanese are least sexually active people. Greeks have sexual intercourse 164 times a year while Japanese have only 46 times. Global average is 106 times a year.
* Nigerians have most fruitful sex life (78%) while Japanese are least enjoying their sex life with just 10% are leading joyful sexual life.
* Indians are quick in ending their sex session (13 minutes) while Nigerians are averaging 24 minutes per session.

How to lead good sex life?
1. One should have good physical and emotional health.
2. Control chronic diseases like Diabetes and Hypertension.
3. Control stress by practicing meditation and yoga.
4. Good body chemistry with partner.
5. Consult with physician about your sexual health problems.
6. Experiment with your sex life by practicing new ideas, positions.
7. Emotional attachment with your partner is crucial.
8. Don’t forget your sex life is in your hands.
Active and enjoyable sexual life is crucial for good wellbeing.


Anonymous said...

Ehh.. SO strange... What a Weird topic.

Out of the blue talk about Sexual topic.

Are you out of your mind.

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Health and Wealth.
I'm writing about current affairs and Health issues.
Thanks for your feedback.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should just concentrate on financial advice. Leave the health advice to professionals and their websites, don't cut and paste so much.

When you write about both Health and Wealth, it loses focus on what people want to read from a financial advisor's blog. It is very strange to read about sex education one day, jokes on another and wealth issues and your complains on this and that on other days. Most blogs which talk about just anything under the sun are personal blogs. People come here to read your articles on insuarance and all, not the rest.

Leave Health matters to the medical people who are trained.

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Thanks anonymous 8:51 for your suggestion and thanks for your visit too.