Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chill out from the Examination Heat

Its coming to May and many parents are worried about their children Mid-year Examination. I too, am exactly 5 weeks away from my CFA examination. No one is worried for me except myself... My parents will only ask me "Why everytime see you study one? What exactly are you studying?" "You got so many paper, what are you working?"

I'm very stressed out and am going for an Examination Suicide. With the pace I"m going, I'm sure to fail the exam and waste all my money and time. Really feel like giving up at this stage. Its affecting my work, my life and my income over the past few months. Its super tough for me, who is not so smart and without finance background to go for this exam with only 6 months to prepare.

I had also just started my project "MP". What MP stand for? Not to reveal yet. This project is taking me a lot of time as well. STRESS... STRESS... STRESS...

Good news!!!
Remember this? This is something that can chill me out from the heat

Ben and Jerry is celebrating Free Cone Day again this coming Tuesday. I had talked about it in my blog last year.

I don't care!!! I'm going to have 2 ice-cream this time round to cool my examination heat and stress. Don't tell the staff there, okay?


Anonymous said...

why don't you get a full body massage including a special to take out the stress and anxiety. you sure pass.

John said...

Work hard, bro... Don't get too stressed...