Saturday, April 12, 2008

Comments Moderation

I tried to be open in accepting comments from my readers. I accept constructive and honest feedbacks. However there are too many unacceptable comments which are extreme, bias and contain vulgarities.

There are some ground rules I have to set before accepting future comments.

1) I do not accept comments that is unfair, without basis, bias and extreme.
2) I do not accept comments that I suspect are untruthful and excessively trying to tarnish the image and professionalism of specific person, company or industry.
3) I do not accept the comment if the writer do not disclose his identity and posting do not contain any useful points
4) I will not make my blog to become a place where unidentified people trying to make use of it to harm any specific person or company.

Example of a comment that I rejected everyday:

* All XXXX agents are useless, stupid. They tell lies and are a greedy bunch of monkeys. They are robbers and act like Prost... in Geyl..., etc...
* All Plans from XXXX are idotic and those who took up these plans are

Such comments are unacceptable. I suggest that these writers find a psychologist and GET OUT of my BLOG. I'm sick of you!!!

I will welcome comments if they are fair, truthful and honest.
* The agents from XXXX may need more training. From my experience, I find them very pushy and lacks basic knowledge, etc
* The XXXX plan cash value is low on maturity and expenses is high compare to the YYYY plan. It is not of good value to the customers.


Anonymous said...

Poor Adrain, getting upset with the garbages dumped in his blog. He is hopping mad he is receiving uncontructive criticsm which must meet his definition of constructiveness.But whatever appears depends on you, the owner.
Adrain, let me suggest this if you are willing to take risk.
Leave your blog unmoderated for one week, just one week, to see how much rubbish you get dumped. Dare? That will be interesting. free rein, uncontrolled.

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Thanks for your suggestion. I may it consider in future. I will hope you can leave behind your name in future too. At least I know who had given me a good suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Ya dont moderate better more people visit ur blog

Actually people like me to read those terok comments entertaining..:)

David...Ex-Income IC ..

Anonymous said...

Adran, david is right. If you moderate too much you must as well keep closed just like your stupid kaisu ntuc colleagues. Their blog is full of rubbish advertisements. One sided and they a talk rubbish. You can see they are not qualified. They only make a fool of themselves.
So don't make the mistake. Moderate as little as possible. Ntuc agents always get hantum, they deserve it and that is the truth. Don't defend them. you are defending bums who shouldn't be in this industry and cause hardship to a lot of old and ignorant people by selling capital plus or growth or revosave or vivolife and none of them is good.
They are a bunch of bullshitters.

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

I am responsible to ensure that comments posted are genuine. I have no intention to make my blog a high traffic blog by letting post untrue comments and destroy the industry.

I am not making money out from my blog, my blog was written out of interest and I will continue share things which I see around me.