Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City

Came back from Ho Chi Minh City after a 4 days trip. It was my first time there and I like to share my thoughts about Vietnam and the City.


Ho Chi Minh City is the largest City in Vietnam, formerly known as Saigon. The city was influenced by the French during their colonial occupation. Saigon was also called the "Paris in the Orient" The city fell to the North Vietnamese on 30th April 1975.

My thoughts on the Country and City

1) The Vietnam Flag

I thought the flag looks interesting with a big yellow five pointed star in a red background.
* The star actually represent the Labourers, Peasants, Intellectuals, the Military, and the youth. * The red represents the blood of the working class and revolution towards socialism.

2) The Vietnam War
* From 1950-75, the United States began to send troops to Vietnam to fight for a questionable cause against communism. During that 25 years, almost 3 million US men and women were sent thousands of miles to fight and it is estimated that over 2.5 million people on both sides were killed.
* The people in the South are happy to see Communism rule in the North and yield to see a unified country. They fought their life for their country and people. The American merely fought for anti-communism which the people back home do not support.
* Its no doubt that the American, despite having better weapons and tactics are simply not strong enough to fight an unconventional war with the Viet Cong.

3) The people
* Half of the people I saw in HCMC looks like Thais and the other half more towards Chinese.
* The man are not very big sized and looks quite stern.
* The ladies looks slim and have nice gorgeous long hair.
* I can't feel the friendliness of the Vietnamese, from resturants, hotel, bazaar, shopping centres, tourist spots, etc. I even got cheated when I was shopping in Ben Thanh Market. (Don't think like to elaborate)
* Taken a picture with the fair ladies. Take a look

* Fancy getting a Vietnam Wife? Make sure you get one who is happy and smile often.

4) The Vietnamese Costume
* Also known as the Long Dress or áo dài. This dress is very authentic to the Vietnamese.
* Frankly telling, I feel that girls can easily show their curvy bodies and elegance to attract any men they fancy.
* They looks sexy, not because of how much they reveal. Its the mystery on how much can be revealed.

5) Their Motorcycles and their Helmets
* 80% of the vehicle I saw on the road are motorcycles, probably 10% public transports like taxis and buses, 5% trucks and remaining 5% private cars.
* Cars are probably too expensive for them
* Some of them don't even wear a helmet and some wear very cute helmets. Take a look below:

6. The Cu Chi Tunnels
* It is an immerse network of underground tunnels used by the Vietcongs and Guerrilla fighters
* The Americans tried to destroy Cu Chi but repeatedly failed with heavy casualties.
* The traps used were amazingly creative but inhuman
* This is the type of unconventional warfare that the Vietnamese won over the Americans
* Make me rethink my marketing strategy in my Financial Planning Business. I may have to be more creative and unconventional.

7. The Massage

* I'm a very typical Singaporean. Go Thailand, Indonesia or Vietnam, never fail to go for cheap and good massage. Some people even go for 4 straight days of different massage
* I do not know where to find a good one till someone passed me a namecard with this picture behind. Anyway, not knowing where to go, I still went ahead to the place.

* The girls there are young, wear skirts, slim with good body. The girl who gave me the massage looks better than them. (Hey, don't think dirty okay?)
* She is very strong and really step and crack my body. However I feel that there are still some part of my body not properly massaged, hence not very systematic. (Traditional Thai massage still the best)

8) Overall Experience
* Overall enjoyed my meals with the seafood, beef noodle. Shopping at Ben Thanh, Binh Tay Market and Dong Khoi Street as well as amazed by the Cu Chi Tunnel and History Museum.
* The best is still being able to enjoy the trip with my fellow colleagues and have fun partying together.
* Will I go again? Of course, why not? Haven't go to so many tourist attractions yet, like the Reunification Palace


Anonymous said...

Wah Adrian must be meet incentive eat wind right?

My opinion of viet girls I see in Sinhapore is that most are ugly compared to China girls that I see..

True right?

How's the food? david chew

Anonymous said...

his customers pay for him, you think waht. if not for customer wo h rob how he went to eat wind.you think his ceo. he also not his money but your money my money, our bonus no declare yet.

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Hi David,

Actually quite true leh. There are some good ones but hard to find. Maybe we Chinese prefer to see Chinese lar.

Food. Not bad. I like Vietnam beef noodle. I ate it almost every week during my Uni days in Aust.

Anonymous said...

Who say viet girls not nice. I find them prettier than NTUC girls. Ntuc's? Yuky!!! old aunties ,laffair
and most of them out of shape. Maybe sold too many policies until out of shape. maybe bully and squeeze old men out of shape... eat heaty stuff too much.

Anonymous said...

Do u know how much it cost ntuc?
1 million dollars to splurge on you guys.But wait a minute, it may not be true. The actual cost on u guys was about $0.5mills., the $0.5mills. might have gone to buy golden taps, toilet bowls,long bath and so on.Maybe you find them somewhere in someone's room.

Anonymous said...

Golden chairs!!!!!! wow!!!! that is better than taps.

What about peanuts????

They surely are some kind of NUTS.