Monday, November 3, 2008

Keeping my salt lamp

I just dug out my Utility Bills over the past 2 years and below are my findings.

May06 to Aug06 - $0.2049/kWh
Sep06 to Oct06 - $0.2115/kWh
Nov06 to Feb07 - $0.2164/kWh
Mar07 to Apr07 - $0.2002/kWh
May07 to Aug07 - $0.1888/kWh
Sep07 to Oct07 - $0.2052/kWh
Nov07 to Jan08 - $0.2138/kWh
Feb08 to Mar08 - $0.2262/kWh
Apr08 to Jun08 - $0.2388/kWh
Jun08 to Sep08 - $0.2507/kWh
Oct08 to ????? - $0.3045/kWh

From $0.1888/kWh in Aug07 to $0.3045/kWh in Oct08 is a 61% increase over 14 months. From the trend, I think the price should come back to $0.23/kWh in Dec08.


Because of the increase in Electricity Rate, I had decided to give up my salt lamp which brought my house brightness and my family health over the past 2 years.

Salt Lamp is made of natural salt crystal, it works as a natural air ionizer that effectively boosts the number of negative ions in the room. It is scientifically proven to be able to kill bacteria and other harmful organisms thus increasing overall air quality and well being.

As the lamp was on 24 hours over the past 2 years, my Finance Cum Home Affairs Minister insisted that I should keep this lamp temporarily till the eleciticity rate comes down. I reluntantly keep my salt lamp last week because Finance Minister very powerful. She told me to throw away this lamp but I secretly keep it in the store room... (Oops. Hope she is not reading)

Well. Of course we had taken many other measures to reduce electricity recently, like switching off all main switches at home when we left for work in the morning and switching on only our florescent or energy saving lights when we are home.

Hope my salt lamp will start glowing again when electricity rate comes down and my salary stablises.

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