Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama wins the heart of the world

I had followed closely on this US General Election because of Obama’s Charisma. I read the newspaper and watched the debate between him and Mccain. Markets around the world rallied in anticipation of Obama’s victory. There was cheers and celebration, not only in US but round the world. He seems to me like a celebrity than a president. His victory seems like a world-cup victory in USA.

This 44th US President is crucial in bringing fledging US economies back into shape. He is crucial in mending US ties with other countries. He is crucial in fixing the Iran and North Korea nuclear problems. He is also crucial in bringing their troops back from Iraq and Afghanistan. The task is amazingly tough which no US president ever faced.

Is he up to the task? In my view, he is not a superman who is able to turn things round within a year or two. The world is over-estimating his capabilities and set too high an expectation on him. We heard nothing new or fresh on how he wants to lead the country. His economic policies seems to favor the general Americans but not for businesses.. His ideas lean towards a socialist and nothing that will stimulate the country.

The interesting part about him is that the world simply likes him and he becomes a symbol of hope. I also hope he is able to attract capable advisers to help him in bringing America back to shape. His speeches are inspirational and bring a lot of confidence. Hope he is equally able to convince leaders around the world with his capabilities. Well lets see if he is able to perform miracles for the world.

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Anonymous said...

When he was elected markets tumbled down,because what he said about Walls Street didn't go down well with the bankers and investors alike.
As expected some technicians' prediction is the markets will be volatile immediately after the election of new president and will adjust as time goes by.
Obama is a newbie and hope that he is surrounded by sound people with sound mind otherwise it will be disastrous.The world likes him for the sake of change . They got tired of Bush. The world will be disappointed because what Bush couldn't do Obama will face the same.What Obama can do is to disengage in places where they are there. This is what the terrorists are hoping, a breather to make a comeback but not in homeland but in the land of their enemies.This is a chance to prepare for another assualt. Good bye Bush. It is time to write your memoir and make more money.