Friday, November 21, 2008

My 300th Posting

I was in NTUC Income 2 years ago when I started this blog. Tan Kin Lian was our boss then and I visited his blog "" regularly. He made use of his blog to promote NTUC Income and shared his view about Current Affairs and Financial Planning. I found his blog to be educational and was able to reach out to the public fairly effectively.

I'm certainly not as influential or knowledgeable as him but I decided to start my blog in a small way to reach out to my policyholders. I wanted to make it part of my service to them, giving them insurance updates and health knowledge to keep them Healthy and Wealthy.

Its not easy maintaining a blog given my standard of English and limited financial knowledge. Even today, I still need to spend a lot of time vetting through every posting to reduce my language error and to research on what to write next. I nearly gave up within a year because nobody reads my blog and readership can be as low as 1-2 visitors per day. I pondered if I should focus on my work instead. However, whenever I decided to start focusing on my work, I find it hard to stop writing and let this blog dies off. I reckoned that it has become a habit to log in daily and write whenever something strike my mind.

Through some perseverance, this blog started to benefit me in some ways.
1) My Financial knowledge improved because I had unknowingly forced myself to read more and to learn from others. I get to know many other local financial bloggers and gained a lot of insights from them.
2) My English improved slightly. I really regretted not learning my English properly during my secondary school days. Taking up a Grammar or Writing course cost so much and I don't have the money to sign up.
3) Some of my policyholders like my service and starts reading my blog though no referrals from them yet.
4) This blog had generated a few leads for me and help improve my income slightly.

This is my 300th posting. I had changed the theme of my blog and I look forward my 600th posting from today onwards. I'll continue to learn and give my readers practical tips to improve Health and Wealth. I also like to thank all those who had contributed with their comments, whether positive or negative in these 300 postings. Each comment helps to mound me into a better adviser.


Anonymous said...

What happened to Wilfred?
He mentioned he was cheated and his losses are great.
You mean he's involved in the minibond or structured products? He is suffering huge financial losses?

Anonymous said...

Well said Adrian. Keep up the good work.


Helmi Hakim said...

Congrats Adrian! :)

Continue your "kaizen" approach of continual improvement and you will be more successful in times to come.

May the law of reciprocity be upon you! :)

Derek said...

Hi Adrian,

I will like to thank you for your efforts in writing this blog. I have benefited greatly from it and I'm sure others have as well. Like you mention, every comment be it good or bad mound you into a better adviser.

PS: I'm sure you are no longer getting one or two visitors a day.