Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Down with a back sprain

I have back problem since my Army Days. I injured my back because I often forced myself beyond my limits when I was in Army and did not take adequate care whenever I carry heavy things.

I injured my back again on Sunday night when I was carrying a chair up the stairs. I was in pain over the past 2 days and was simply paralysed. I can't stand, sit and and even sleep well. Visited the A&E ward in Changi Hospital on Tuesday and was given a jab, painkillers and muscle relaxer pills.

I am still in pain as I'm writing in this posting but I really like to share a few things with you.

1) I realised the importance of Health
* My condition was so bad that I was totally dependent on others for my movement such as moving up from bed, taking a shower and even tolieting.
* My wife have to take leave to take care of me. I realised how it feels to be paralysed and how inconvenience life can be under such condition.
* Now I know what Eldershield is meant for ^-^
* Good Health is the most important factor in determining our wealth. If we don't take care of our health, not only that we lost our ability to work, we will have to pay for Medical expenses too.
* I lost nearly $100 over the past 2 days on medical bill and taxi expenses.

2) I realised that Time is Money to me
* I had arranged to meet prospective clients on Monday and Tuesday but are forced to postpone them due to my mobility problem. I may need to postponed my Wednesday appt as well.
* I am not a salaried worker who can take MC. I one day no work, means one day no income generated.
* I was advised not to carry heavy things for at least 1 week. This means I may have problem going for my usual appointments with my 2 bags which weighs 6-8kg.
* I can't imagine if I'm not able to work for 1 month or even 1 year.

3) I realised how time consuming it can be to wait in the public hospital
* I went to Changi hospital and have to wait for nearly 3 hours before seeing the doctor.
* My back was so painful while waiting because I can only stand or sit as I wait over that 3 dreadful hours.
* This is the consequent for trying to save some money. Long wait is a requirement before I can get subsidised treatment.

Its a frustrating and stressful experience over the few days as I realised that I'm not superman. I can fall sick and not able to work too. Having good health is so important and I think this is a message God is passing to me.

To all who read this posting. I urge all of you to "Please take good care of your health"...


Peter said...

Hi adrian

Sorry to hear that you have sprained your back. Do take care.

Helmi Hakim said...

Yes Adrian.

Do take care, bro.

You will recover soon! :)

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Thanks Peter, Helmi and those who sms me to wish me well.

I'm fine now and just have to be more careful in future.

Trust me. Back sprain is a painful and frustrating experience. Hope you guys will never go through it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian, take care of your health 1st. money is always out there, health is wealth.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is sad that subsidized treatment one has to wait so long. For you it is only three hours. For me, when I had a dental problem last year, I was given an appointment this year after paying nearly a hundred dollars for them to schedule me for a root canal which to my shock and surpirse actually cost more than the local dentist. For the examination which was done by what I thought was a school leaver, she was so young, and xray taken of all my tooth though the complaint was just for one tooth, I was charged nearly a hundred dollars, what subsidy? In the end, I did not go through with the root canal as I find the dentists too young and the charge too high, over a thousand dollars.
This year, I had some numbness and chest tightenings and I went to the OPD, was given a referral to visit a cardiologist in the hospital. Guess what? the next available date is February next year! Ha, they will attend to a rich Indonesian or that Cambodian PM at the snap of a finger but for Singaporeans, sorry, you have to wait and if you are still around next year, you can go visit them, not sure what will the fee be until I see them.

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Hi Anonymous 12:48,
Sorry to hear about your case.

2 years ago, my mum felt a lump near her stomach and went to the polyclinic, she was given an appt for a scan to be done 3 weeks later.

We felt uncomfortable as it is too long, we decided to bring her to the GP and the GP arranged for a scan to be done within 3 days.

It was found that a tumour, the size of a tennis ball, was found at her fallopian tube and was removed within 2 days.

As the referral was from a GP, she was not considered as a subsidied patient, her medical bill comes to nearly $7k. Agreed that its more expensive but fortunately, she went to the GP, or else, the tennis ball tumour may become a basketball in 3 weeks.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The real life cases of long delays as a subsidized patient shows the importance of having a medical insurance plan that covers private hospitals. Our friend Mr. TKL live in another world whom he thinks B1 is everything and is now encouarging (indirectly) through his blog to get people to surrender their intergrated-private shield plan. It is painful to see how many people he is destroying through his terrible advice.