Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What to do in event of a Motor Accident?

I did quite a fair bit of Motor Insurance, largely for my existing clients. On average, I'll transact around 3-4 cases monthly. On a few occasions, my clients called and seek my assistance when they met an accident. They are normally shocked and confused over what to do.

You can find many versions of "What to do in event of a Motor Accident" in many websites. Its sometime very long and hard to remember. I'm going to help you rememeber in a simplier steps.

1) Exchange Particulars
* Get particulars of parties involved including Name, NRIC, address, contact number, vehicle number and car insurer info. Get particulars of any witness to the accident if there are any.
* If you have a copy of the Singapore Accident Statement(SAS) Form, try to fill up part 1 with the other driver.

2) Take photograph
Take digital photographs of your accident vehicle and accident scene. It can be used for e-filing of the accident report later.

3) Towing Services
Call your respective insurer for towing services and avoid those unauthorised tow-truck operators or repair workshops

4) Report the accident with your vehicle
From 1 June 2008, if you meet a motor accident, you must report with accident vehicle (whether damage or not) to the reporting centres or IDACs within 24 hours or latest, the next working day after the accident, before you send your car to the workshop.

5) Filing a police report
You need to file a police report under following situations:
a) There are injuries
b) Hit and Run case
c) accident with a government vehicle or damage to government property, foreign vehicle or pedestrian/cyclist

6) Last of all, "Do not admit Liability!"

If the above steps are not simple enough, just make sure you store your motor insurer's 24 hours helpline number in your handphone and call if necessary!!!


SGDividends said...

Hi Adrian,

Hope you are feeling better from that back sprain.

Just curious, how come in your last note it is written, Do not admit liability.

Understand that by admiting liability, it seems to us that it is because if we accept liability, we are accepting blame

Question is: Is there something more if we admit liability?

If we are really in the wrong like we cross lane and hit another car, can we still accept liability?

Maybe there is somthing that is not obvious?

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

All insurance companies in Singapore use a guide called the Barometer of Liability Agreement (BOLA) to determine how much each party is liable in an accident. Layman like us may not fully understand our percentage of liability in that circumstances.

By admitting liability on behalf of our insurer, it may affect our insurer's subrogation rights.

However, if you are so sure to be 100% at fault and wants a private settlement, make sure the settlement is complete and the other party do not come and claim against you even you pay him on the spot.

Its prudent to check with your insurer if they allow such private settlement arrangement.