Thursday, September 10, 2009

17th YEC Term BGM on 26th Sep 09

I had served in Bedok YEC (Youth Executive Committee) over the past 4 years. I'd pledged for my 3rd YEC term where I will serve for another 2 years. Our Bedok YEC is a committee made up of young volunteers who take an interest with organising activities specially for youths in Bedok area. We also participate on National Forums where we voice our concerns about problems and challenges faced by youths in Singapore.

We are screening "G-Force" on 26th September evening at Cathay Cineplex at a cost of only $4 if you are aged between 12 to 35. The cost include the movie, drinks and free pop corns. If you are my client or I had did a Financial Plan for you before, I can treat you for this event. If, not I can help to register for you. Drop me an email on your Full name, NRIC, DOB and address if you are keen.

Its a good offer. The only thing you need to note is that you have to sit through around half an hour of our bi-annual meeting and a speech by our Guest of Honour Professor S. Jayakumar.

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Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Thanks for all the interest on the event. All tickets are snapped up as of today...