Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another year passed

Din work for 3 days. Went back Malaysia on Thursday, Celebrated my birthday on Friday and bring my rabbits for a walk on the beach + going for my YEC Bi-annual meeting on Saturday. Friday spent in Malaysia with the super cheap RM11 ktv with buffet and a RM10 movie. Cheaper, yet better than Singapore. Dinner at Outback in Singapore and hear the roaring F1 cars in town.

Time really flies that I'm older by another year again. Contrary to past years where I'm happy during birthdays, I'm getting worried with myself with each passing birthday nowadays. My 2008 birthday wishes did not materialise and I'm already 1 year older. I felt that I'm heading nowhere. My only wish is on my career this year. Simply nothing else crosses my mind this time round. My business model is not very good and I'm still confused on what I should do next.

2 shows I watched recently gave me some encouragements.
* The first scene is from the TV series "Fated to Love You" where Ji Cunxi told Chen Xinyi to say "Jia You" to herself whenever she wants to say anything to discourage herself. Why say something to discourage myself when I have the choice to say something that encourage me?
* The next scene in on Jack Neo's movie "Where Got Ghost". One of the scene show a guy proclaiming that all wealth and prosperity are useless without health. My consolation is that I'm in good health and when I still have my breath, I will still have a chance to improve on myself and just be better in this profession...


Anonymous said...

It is not a matter of saying somthing to discourage or encourage yourself. It is a matter of saying the right thing. The thing you should say to yourself is whether you are in the right profession that can help you meet your goals in life. Go to a quiet place and search yourself and ask yourself and answer honestly to yourself. At the end of the day, you are really helping yourself by answering honestly, then move on. Stop watching these silly shows whose real objectives are to meet the directors' ego and wallets. When you are in the right profession, you will know for you will be so busy enjoying yourself and working nonstop that you will not have time to watch Where got ghosts but instead feeling a great sense of achievement. Adrian, you have a high need for affiliation and achievement and obviously your present job is not in sync with your psychological needs.

patrick lim said...

dear adrian,

please accept my best belated birthday wishes.

and the following is my birthday gift to you.

have you not heard of this saying:

"when the going gets tough, the tough gets going!"

if you have, let me borrow a real life story from donald trump which illustrates very clearly mr trump's tenacity in the face of extreme adversity:

Donald Trump told a story about himself to his daughter Ivanka in the backseat of a limo driving in New York City. They were halted to a red light and saw a bum pan handling for money. Donald turned to his daughter and told her that the bum sitting on the curb actually has a higher net worth than he does. His daughter was confused and questioned Donald on what he meant. Donald explained that after a series of unfortunate events, he was over 1 billion dollars in debt, whilst that bum is at $0.

You think it’s bad having a few collectors call you during the day, Donald had collectors calling him round the clock (international investors). Donald came to a point where he needed to make a move so he decided to call an emergency meeting with his investors. Everyone at the meeting was pissed and looking to get their investment return. What the Donald did was unheard of and completely unexpected. He asked his investors, whom he owed billions of dollars to for MORE MONEY! Many investors decided not to but several did. This was the turning point in Donald’s life because with this new cash power, he was able to make various smart investments which brought him out of the red and into the billions of dollars he’s worth today.

i'm happy to know you are still in the pink of health and guess what, so long as you have health, the best news is you can continue to dream big dreams and achieve them.

and before i sign off, i feel it is apt to borrow another quotation and this one is from lao tze:

"a journey of a thousand li starts with a single step."

God Bless.

ps: just to let you know you can count on me should you need any help.

patrick lim

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

I believe in term insurance and investing the balance funds. I want to help my clients with higher cover at lower cost and to help them be discipline with their investments via RSP.

I already get little for all these but they will expect lower cost to the point I will get nothing. They eventually took up Group Term insurance and ETFs or fundsupermart for investments.
The most they took up with me is probably a shield or a accident plan.

If I am to charge fee, how many people will be willing to pay for it and how much? $100? $200 per person? If $200 and I hope to earn $3,000/mth. Does it mean I have to find 15 people to do Financial Planning every month without fail? In a year, I'll have 180 clients and 10 years, 1,800 clients?

John said...

"Jia You" Adrian... You will find the right formula soon.

I'd seen your effort. I'll introduce friends to you if anyone is to ask me about Financial Planning.

Anonymous said...

keep up with the BTITR strategy. It is really good for your clients but may not for you. But let product pushers scorn at you for their days are numbered and not only that they will be spending their days behind bars.
Ethics is important. Honesty must be your character. Competence must be your culture. And putting your clients' interests must be your mission.
Guided by the above values God will certainly bless you.

Anonymous said...

What you need is to find the right people who appreciates your effort.
Find busy professionals who have the money but no time.
Do not attract those who have all the time to do their research in the internet but no money. The latter group will count every penny with you.
You should focus your time on finding the professionals. With your calibre and credibility, you should move on.

Anonymous said...

With our govt's efforts to attract foreigners, they are the group you can go for. Go on, serve them, this is what our govt wish every Singaporean to do. In return, they have plenty of illgotten money to tip you.

Anonymous said...

1) Know what the other party is thinking.
2) What the other party says may and most likely IS NOT what he's thinking or will do. (this includes the nonsense insurance agent hate comments some low-lifers love to post)
3) Learn how to fire a bad client, and do it fast.
4) Watch some Peter Chao on youtube.

BTW, I've heard of agents doing only Shield/PA plans. 1000 clients and your monthly electrical bills, phone bills, food are basically paid for without a worry...