Thursday, September 3, 2009

Things in my mind over the last few days

Just feel like writing nonsense today...

1) My Rabbit having flu and keep sneezing.

Have you ever seen and heard a rabbit sneezing? My poor little Melody. Heartache to see you suffering. Will bring you to vet this Saturday...

2) I'd passed my IPPT and got Silver

My 2.4km run improved from 12:16min last year to 11:44min this year. My standing Broad Jump also came down to just 2.25m. My best record is 2.60m when I was in BMT. Am I getting heavier?

3. My favourite Cheng Teng Stall

Whenever I go Bedok Camp for IPPT, I'll never fail visit the Fried Hokkien Mee and Cheng Teng stall at the nearby Hawker Centre. I still prefer my Ah Ma's Hokkien Mee at Bedok Central but the Cheng Teng is still the best I ever tasted. The stall name is called "Ye Lai Xiang"

4. Weddings and Baby showers

I'm invited to go for 3 Wedding Dinners and 2 Baby Showers in the month of October and 2 wedding dinners and to be invited for 1 baby showers in November so far. I so poor already. Still got to give Red packets... "Money Not Enough"...

5. Three Clients' parents die of Cancers over past 3 months

2 die of Colon Cancer and the other due to Liver Cancer. 2 in early 60s and one in late 50s. Above is one of the condolence card I sent to my client.

6. My Ngee Ann Poly Intern arrived on Monday
Engaged an Intern to help me and another of my colleague to secure Seminar talks. She seems so energetic and enthusiastic to learn. She will help remind how energetic I was years ago when I started work and why I'm so enthusiastic to help people then.

7. My blog giving me all sort of funny problems
I can post as per normal out of sudden today. I don't know if I can still post pictures tomorrow. My computer is so unpredictable. I want to change my blog skin, blog layout and change blog web-page but clueless on how to do it.

8. I'm exhausted. Only God can help me.
I'm really very tired, demoralised and stressful of late. I'm doing a lot of Financial Plannings, email enquiries, policy consolidations, investment analysis but not earning from all these hard work. They ask questions, ask for quote, ask for comparions but seldom do anything.
On top of these, I have claims, policy servicing, underwriting cases, etc. Work are still piling and I'm not able to take a break. Frustrated and Exhausted. Getting listless and dragging my feet lately. God, Please help me find the wisdom and energy to go on...


Anonymous said...

Do u notice that people have cancer or died of unnatural death before 60 years? Why need wholelife when it is useless after 60? never have chance to use it until 80. By this time cashvalue all gone only left with coverage for my children to enjoy when I die.

Anonymous said...

We had told you many times that you are not suited for this job. You care too much for your customers and want the best for them. Unfortunately the best often means you get the least.

Happy or not, you are in a profession where 90% are in sales and 10% professional. A doctor is the reverse with 10% Sales and 90% Professional. For Financial Advisers to become a professional like a doctor, it will take many years or probably never.

It is still better to be an insurance agent in today's context. Its a people business not about how much you know.

belinda said...

i like your blog, and i believe people will return in good way if you are kind to them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian,

Relating to the last point, why don't you charge fees? If you are doing great work, you have the right to earn a living. If you think what you are doing are not good work and hence unable to charge fees, all the more you should stop doing what you are doing. I don't see why you should carry on doing things that have no benefit to yourself.

Can I ask is it because PIAS does not support or do not have a framework of charging fees?