Saturday, January 20, 2007

Adrian's 2007 Resolutions

In my first blog posting, I like to announce my resolutions that I had set in 2007. This is to ensure that I will follow them through over the next 12 months. I want:

1) To create my personal website(Apr07) and blog(Jan07) to share financial planning issues, current affairs, personal interests and a glimpse of my inner world.
2) To be a Certified Financial Planner by May07.
3) To achieve stablised income of $2,000/mth or $24,000/yr by Dec 2007.
4) To achieve IPPT Silver in 2007. I failed my IPPT in 2006.

My resolutions are simple and achievable. I have to work doubly hard in 2007 and be more responsible for my family. I want to be financially ready for a family in 2008. Wish me good luck, guys...

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