Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Insurance For Autistic Children

I had applied Life policies for 2 Autistic Children with a large Insurance company in 2006. Both of them applied for a Whole Life Critical Illnesses Policy

1st Case - Mild Hyperactivity (Attached to Pathlight for 1/2 yr)
Result: Policy rejected. Offered with an endowment plan with TPD excluded + 30% loading
2nd Case - Asperger Syndrome (Studying in a local primary school)
Result: TPD excluded. 28% loading

Tried appeal with below arguments but was rejected.

1) It is estimated that Autism happens in every 1 out of 100 children with varying degrees. Many children many grow out of it into adulthood.
2) Autism does not increase the chance of Critical Illnesses.
3) It does not mean a excessive chance of TPD nor a 30% higher chance of death
4) Medical Sciences increase the higher incidence. It is not a rare condition.
Personally feel that the Insurance company was harse in the underwriting process.

There seems to be a lack of understanding of autism by the insurers.
They seems overly conservative. They put on a loading and exclusion regardless how mild the condition may be.

In time to come, I hope the Autism Association, Pathlight and the Relevant Ministry can look into educating the public and the various insurance companies. This is to help Austic Children get fair underwriting in future.

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