Monday, January 22, 2007

Missing out the Market boom

STI shot 72.3pts today to 3145.2. I'm caught by surprise.

I read a lot of articles telling us to stay invested and the chances of missing out the best investment days if we try to time the market. Somehow have to admit how true this can be at times.

I projected that the market will rise in early January and stay flat after that. I advised my clients to switch 25% equities into money market and bonds and wait for market correction. I also advised them to be wary of the stock market and take some profit.

I can feel the heartache over these few days when the stock market rise so unexpectedly and the stocks that I just sold, shoot up so much within 1 week.

Its indeed not easy to time the market. Should I stay invested, my portfolio could easily rose 3-4% within 1 week. Anyway, I still believe that a market correction will comes soon. The market is just looking for a chance. Have fun...

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