Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Rabbit Poster

Being a Rabbit Lover, this picture of a rabbit among old toys and books easily caught my attention. My initial thought is to hug and kiss the rabbit when I saw this poster but when I look closer, it talks about abandoning of animals.

In 2006, animals brought in to SPCA numbered at 2,727 dogs, 5,309 cats, and 1,215 domestic small animals.

A lot of people thought that they can give their animals to SPCA when they are tired of it, but statistics shows that only 2 out of 10 animals are successful adopted. The rest are put to sleep.
SPCA receives around 900 animals every month which equates to an animal every hour of the day.

When you surrender your pet to SPCA, there is a chance that it will be put to sleep within 24 hours and they will not inform you of the outcome.

Pets bring a lot of joy, but a lot of work too. If you are ready for the work and take good care of the animal, then get the pet. Don't get it on impluse.

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