Friday, August 24, 2007


Just to deviate from my last posting. It was middle of the night as I'm writing this. I was rushing for a report when this happens.

My printer low ink indicator suddenly blink when I'm trying to print a report. I tried in my computer to identify which ink went low. I wasted 10 minutes trying to figure out. I failed. The program simply doesn't works this time.

Out of no choice, I used to trial and error method.
I changed the black ink first. The light still on
I changed the yellow ink next. The light still on
I changed the blue ink next. The light still on.
I changed the red ink last. The light went off.

I was damned furious. Why I so unlucky!!!

The black ink cost me $16 and each colour ink $13.
I wasted $42 over a span of 15 minutes.

Now got to keep the other inks. Hope next time, still can use.


keelyn said...

so suay...

Anonymous said...

now you know why printing catridge manufacturers post double to tripple digital growth every year!!

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Got to go PC show to buy more printer catridges next week. I'm poor enough already. This makes me poorer.

Anonymous said...

Wah pian. dont waste time to go PC show. I tell you honestly now all this shops know people are dumb enough to go PC show. So they simply stack up the prices!! Anyway when you go for the show after going or the way there and getting stuck in between, certainly you would decide to pay right? Ha Ha

If i were you, as your wife to print lah. Save cost ..... Office laser printer somemore. HAHAHAHAH

If you want to safe cost. Get a laser printer than. Its not very expensive and you can print alot more and you will not Kanna this ink stupid problem again.

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

I'd made a lot of price comparisons with regards to inks. Inks at PC shows are indeed cheaper, you can check it out this weekend if you're free.

As for Colour Laser printer, expensive leh although long term save ink.