Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Car accident!!! What to do???

1) Stay calm. Move car to the side

2) If anyone is injured, call the police straight away

3) If no injury, take the "Singapore Accident Statement" form and fill it with the other party

4) If don't have the form, note down:
* The number plates of all other vehicles involved
* The names and contact details of the other driver(s)
* Any witnesses and their contact details
* The names of insurers for the other driver(s)

5) Take photo of the damages if you have camera

6) Make a police report within 24 hours of an accident if it involves:
* Damage to a government vehicle or property
* A foreign-registered vehicle
* A hit-and-run vehicle

7) Bring your car to Idac or your authorised workshop, depending on your insurance policy requirements

8) Use the towing service if cannot be driven. Usually can be arranged with Idac or your workship
* Idac Hotline ==> 1800-887-5151

9) Submit claims at Idac or at your authorised workshop

10) If you want to settle claims on the spot with the other party, make sure you write an agreement and he sign it. Else don't admit liability and let your insurers settle for you.

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