Friday, November 2, 2007

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Sex drive of a woman are normally lower in their early 20s which increases with age till their early 40s. Sex drive of man are normally higher in their early 20s which decreases with age. Don't understand why man and woman are made to be this way.

Like man, woman also have their Sexual Dysfunctions. Let me share a few with you.

1) Sexual Desire Disorder
* Lack of Fantasies or thoughts and hence no libido for sex
* Fear or Probia for sex which results in no interest for it
2) Sexual Arousal Disorder
* Cannot remain excited and aroused during sex
* Result in decreased sensitivity in genitals, lower lubrication and reduced blood flow to virgina or clitoris
3) Orgasmic Disorder
* Difficult or simply cannot get orgasm
4) Sexual Pain Disorder
* Due to physical problem, pain is experienced and hence no sex

How to overcome them?
The problems are often psychological, esp for (1) and (2). A sex counseller is able to address these problems and help you.
* The lack of fantasies, thought or libido can be due to a new lifestyle like a newborn or a stressful worklife, etc.
* Couples need to remove the excuse of "No Time" and and spend more time intimately to rediscover the sexual relations that both of you used to enjoy
* Ladies should not have the pressure of being inadequate for your husband or feeling guilty of having sex
* Learning to focus on fantasies helps in the arousal process
* More effort and time in foreplays. Foreplay can start with a simple phone during the day. Don’t talk about work or your child. You can start with a simple “I miss you”, a romantic dinner, aromatherapic air-con room, etc.
* Have a change in locations, eg Living room, or even hotels, etc
* Experimenting different positions and sensation points may help with the problem of achieving orgasm

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