Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The flag that hide my face

I was one of the flag bearer during the 2008 Financial Services Practitioners Congress held in "The Rock" in Suntec City a few months back. The event was organised by FPAS (Financial Planning Association of Singapore). I was honoured to be given the task of holding and waving the FPAS flag. I held a heavy responsibility of leading the pack of 22 country flags up to the stage.

Today, one of the fellow flag bearer informed me that we are featured on magazine front page. I felt excited about it and quickly search for the magazine. I can't stop laughing after seeing the magazine. "My Face was totally hidden by that FPAS flag that I hold on to!!!" I had used a yellow arrow to point that flag.

So what is this FPAS flag about? What organisation is FPAS? Allow me to share...

FPAS was established on 1st December 1998 as a non-profit organisation for the financial planning industry in Singapore which represents qualified financial planners. One of its key role is to develop and promote the industry to provide unbiased financial advice to the Singaporean public.

FPAS is also part of a global assembly of financial planning bodies, and a licensee of the Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd., FPSB (a US-based non-profit organization) to set standards for and oversee the international CFP certification program. Together with 17 non-profit associations including the FPAS, over 45,000 individuals outside the U.S. have been certified to use the CFP, Certified Financial Planner & CFP (with flame logo) marks.

The FPAS vision is to ensure that all Singaporeans have access to responsible and appropriate financial planning advice, by raising the professional standards of the industry through education and a shared code of ethics.

FPAS also provide the certification framework for the financial planning industry in Singapore and oversees the administration of the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and Associate Financial Planner certification process, and grant qualified individuals the right to use the marks CFP and AFP.


Anonymous said...

If consumers are looking for ETHICAL AND COMPETENT PRACTITIONERS this is the place to look for one. Practitioners do not sell products but solutions.

Anonymous said...

It is time consumers be aware of thier rights to have responsible financial planning.
There 2 ways TO LEARN about it.
1. Self education at FPAS website about basic financial planning and understand what is financial planning really about. Your rights to ethical and honest practitioners and not glib tongue salesmen. Selling is a zero sum game. One win and one loss. Selling is about how to outwit and to outsmart and 'tekan' the customers into signing the dotted line.
2. Ask for a practitioner with a CFP. It is your right to ask for his or her credentials before allowing the relationship to continue.Don't be afraid to offend . It is to your long term interest to ask lest you regret many years down the road. In an industry where malpractices are so rampant it is better to play safe by engaging a qualified and honest adviser. Don't be confused by the letters or the ABCs after agents' name. Remember this highly, globally regulated and patented CFP mark. There is no other equivalent under the sun. This is financial planning HIGHEST STANDARD.
Visit the website to know your rights and to know what really is financial planning.


Anonymous said...

Yes , you get more from using a CFP. You get proper advice and the recommendation is based on the financial check up. What do you pay? You may pay lesser and get more because the CFP will put your interest first. If he doesn't follow what he must do you can lodge a complaint and he will lose his license. So it is safe and there is warranty in some sense.
Salesmen don't bother whether your needs are met so long you like and want the products. What you want may not be correct and the salesman is happy when what you want and what he wants to sell to you matches. It is luck for you if you ever get your needs met by salesmen.Do you notice that the salesmen are always trying to convince you about the product and not on your needs? Precisely, because the products make more money for him./

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

FPAS need to be more prominent in Singapore. No one knows the difference between CPF and the other designations? No one see the work that it had done for the industry.