Saturday, June 14, 2008

My recent claims experience

As promised from my previous posting, I shall share about my 3 claims experience which happened over the last 1 month. Seriously, I'm doing so many claims that I'm so convinced on the importance of a medical insurance.

1st Claim - Cancer Chemotheraphy
Mr Ng was diagnosed with Lung Cancer since April 07. He underwent 6 cycles of Chemotherapy. His Cancer relapsed recently and was given a new dosage of Chemotherapy. He is a subsidized patient.

The above is a portion of a bill from Tan Tock Seng Hospital. He is required to go through another 6 cycles of Chemotheraphy. Because the medication this time round are Non Standard Drugs, they are not eligble for any Subsidies! Each cycle this time cost around $3,600. He only has a subsidies of $225. Therefore $3,600 - $225 = $3,375 x 6 cycles = $20,250

My Message
There is a well-known personality that keep telling us that Medishield alone is sufficient. He probably are not aware that non standard drugs are not subsidized. For above case, Medishield only covers $700/28 days. Good luck to those who wants to save that few dollars in Medisave and don't upgrade to an "As Charged" plan.

2nd Claim - Intestine Bleeding
I had known Mr Chan since 2006 when I met him several times for an Incomeshield plan. He signed up the plan and free-look it within 2 weeks then. He insisted that his company covers him and he don't need to take up the Incomeshield. He retired in December 07 and called me to his house to sign up for the plan on 11th Jan 08. His policy commencement is 1st Feb 08. He was warded to SGH for Intestine bleeding on 25th Jan, 1 week before policy commencement date.

It was a serious condition. He went to ICU for 2 weeks and B1 ward for nearly 6 weeks. He was discharged in late March. He submit the claims only recently and was rejected by NTUC Income because hospitalisation happened before commencement date. His bill chalked up to around $25,000. Half of his Medisave was sucked dry by this hospitalisation.

My Message
If you want to delay taking up a medical insurance, its at your own risk. A few days exposure from no insurance can drain off your finance if you are unlucky.

3rd Claim - High Fever. Suspect Kidney problem
Ryan's mother called me at 5:35am in the morning. I thought someone accidentally pressed on the hp and called me, I hanged up the call twice. She sms me and asked me to call her back urgently. Ryan (6 months old baby) was having a high fever and was warded in hospital for 3 days. She was seeking my advice on the claims procedure. Hospital bill chalked up to around $1,200.

Ryan's father called me this afternoon and informed me that he was warded again for more test on his kidney. The bill are likely to be more this time round.

My Message
Ryan's mother took up this insurance when Ryan is only 2 months old. She did not procrastinate and lucky for her. I don't know if Ryan will have any problem with his kidney, but no matter what, I'm glad that he is already covered under a medical insurance as such tender age.


I had 13 Incomeshield Claims from 8th April 08 till today. I feel that I am helping people see the importance of Medical Insurance. I do not earn a lot and I really hate those who show me their poker face without any respect for me when I help them take up the plan. "I'm helping them, not the other way round. They look at me like a salesman as if I depend on them for a living!"


alberttohyk said...

you are a good fa. most will not even bother to sell shield plans unless you ask for it.

your after sales service is commendable!

Anonymous said...

Adrain, this is not your fault.It is the fault of those damned stupid greedy sob and any thing will do insurance agents who "spoiled the markets".These desperate agents have been behaving like that that the customers think without them the agents will die.The agent would stoop to anything, from buying snack, to coffee, to sending the customers to doctors, to giving presents and gifts and vouchers to customers to cover up their inadequacy and incompetence. You see this in your own NTUC company. I see ntuc agents I won't want to engage them to be my adviser.They don't look professional. Some of them look like toilet cleaners and some look like some computer or door to door salesmen at best. Financial consultants? Yuk!!!! no class!!!Look into their webpage, you can read the messages like "I thank you and without you I would not have achieved MDRT or COT and would have died" and messages like this. Have they no self respect that they have to beg and make the customers think that they are desperate for thier business and that the customers have to be bribed ?
Over the years the customers think that agents owe their success to their support. They think agents are like beggars, greedy and would do anything for them.I don't blame the customers, the insurance agents are beggars and high class toilet cleaners.
Unfortunately the customers think you are also like these agents . You can change it. Let them know they need you and you are paid for giving in return solution to meet their problem.Don't ever give in to them. You are NOT a con man like other agents. Let the customers be conned by these agents if they treat you like this.The cases cited by you is the a good testimony. Don't get too emotional for the customers, many of them are ungrateful, some of them deserve it. Remember , you win some and you lose some and you lose like those truoublesome cases

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Hi Anonymous,

I post your comment because you had put in time and effort to write. But I totally don't agree with what you say. Your views are a bit too extreme.

I also thank my policyholders for their trust and support. Without them and referrals, I will not have make it till today.