Sunday, July 15, 2007

Credit Counselling Singapore (CCS)

My 3 previous postings involves credit cards and how it can create a new urban poor for those who are not careful.

If you know of someone who falls into these credit traps, there is an organisation in Singapore that may offer their hands. It is Credit Counselling Singapore(CCS).

The idea for CCS began as early as 2001 when judges from the Subordinate Courts expressed their concern over problems caused to individuals and families by the rising consumer credit indebtedness. It was officially registered as a society in March04, registered as a Charity and become a member with NCSS in June05.

CCS has a 3 steps approach for those who seek their assistance.

1) Free talk on debt management and Services
2) One to One couselling session to assess situation and identify possible solutions
3) Debt Management Programs(DMP) for suitable individuals

DMP is a voluntary arrangement between Creditors and consumers where CSS help individual put up a reasonable proposal on how the debts can be paid over a specific period time.

CCS charges as of Jun07

1) Debt management talks - Free
2) One to one counselling - $30
3) DMP - $120 up to 6 creditors, $20 for each additional creditor

CCS responsibility is largely help work out possible solutions and negotiating with creditors on future repayments scheme. Your credit cards loans and interest "WILL NOT" be waived or reduced.

For those needing their service. Below are some of their info:

CSS Helpline - 1800 call ccs / 1800 2255 227 (9am to 6pm)

CSS website -

Let those around you knows about this organisation and help them early before its too late.

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