Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The incident about Li Hongyi (1)

Li Hongyi, the 2nd son of our PM Lee Hsien Loong had received a lot of attention in the ST forum page and many political websites lately.

Let me share what happened.
Hongyi is currently serving his NSF as a 2LT in an army unit. The junior officers in the camp are rotated for camp duties where tbey have to stay in camp to ensure security and emergency readiness. The saga started with with such camp duties.

LTA X was supposed to be on duty on 20th and 22nd Apr. Hongyi was scheduled to be on duty on 21st Apr. Hongyi offered to change duty with LTA X for either day so that he can perform the duty for 2 straight days to minimize change of duties. Eventually it was arranged that LTA X do his duty on 20th and 21st and Hongyi on 22nd Apr.

On 20th Apr, when LTA X was supposed to be on duty, he told Hongyi to cover him till evening as he claims to be busy. At 4pm, Hongyi received his call, LTA X told him that he was on his way back for duty. Hence Hongyi left the camp.

On 22nd Apr, Hongyi came for his duty. He discovered from the guards that LTA X did not returned back to camp till 21st Apr 6pm. LTA X failed to report for duty on 20th and reported late on 21st Apr. He confronted LTA X for explanation but was given many reasons and excuses which Hongyi investigated and concluded to be untrue.

This matter was brought up to the Unit OC(Officer in Command) and LTA X was let off with a warning.

LTA X was scheduled for duty again on 28th Apr. On 29th midnight, Hongyi received an sms from the guards that LTA X's car was driven out of camp. He told the guards to search for him in the camp but he was nowhere to be found. LTA X only came back in the morning.

He reported his findings to his OC. LTA X was given 10 extra duties as a punishment.
Hongyi monitored for 2 months and found that none of the extra guard duties was performed.

On 11th June, he gets to know that a Corporal was awarded stoppage of leave for 7 days because he left his guard duty 1 hour earlier than supposed to be.

With frustrations of the unfair treatment between a Corporal and an officer. He felt that the officer was considered as AWOL (Absence without leave) for more than 24 hours and get such light punishment and worse of all, punishment not executed. He felt that the poor Corporal got punished more severely compared to LTA X.
He blasted an email across SAF which includes many senior officers such Chief of Army, Chief of Defence Force and our Minister of Defence Teo Chee Hian. News spread like bush fires to the public and many people are talking about it.

So what happens after that and how I feel about this incident? Lets wait for part (2).

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