Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The incident about Li Hongyi (2)

Hongyi was charged for breaking the protocol and was given a reprimand after a Summary Trial. LTA X was court martialled for Awol.

10 points I like to write about this incident? "A bit of joke element"

1) There are actually a lot of snake eaters in SAF.
2) LTA X is foolish enough to eat snake in front of a White Horse.
3) There are always back-stabbers around us. See how the guards reported on LTA X?
4) A white horse better don't do anything funny. Sometimes they are treated like rock stars.
5) But, only a horse whiter than the rest dare to send such an email to all the army chiefs and Ministers.
6) Internet is powerful. It exposed the deeds of Hongyi without the media reporting.

This matter had also triggered my thoughts with regards to our so-called society elites

1) Do they have adequate EQ in handling people and problems?
2) Are they cultivating a perfectionist attitude towards the system? There are no tolerance for errors and all mistake doers must be punished.
3) Will they be flexible and street smart enough to do business when things in other countries are usually imperfect. Eg, some level of corruptions, need of entertainments, etc
4) Are they too sheltered? Many do not start their first job till 25-26 yrs old. They are put into a senior position right away. People under them may have to suffer under their rigid, inflexible rulings.

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