Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fast Facts about the Aedes Mosquitoes

My place, Pasir Ris Dr 4 and 6 had became the hottest Dengue site over the past 1 week. I'm lucky not to be bitten yet.
What exactly is Dengue Fever and who is the culprit? Lets check out!!!

What is Dengue Fever?
Dengue Fever is an illness caused by infection with a virus transmitted by the Aedes mosquito. Aedes mosquitoes are identified by the black and white stripes on their body.

Life Cycle of an Aedes Mosquito
Eggs to Larva - 1 day
Larva to pupa - 4 days
Pupa to Mosquito - 2 days
Mosquito to lay eggs again – 3 days

Some Quick Facts about Aedes
1) Only the female Aedes mosquito bites as it needs the protein in blood to develop its eggs.
2) The mosquito becomes infective about 7 days after it has bitten a person carrying the virus. 3) Peak biting is at dawn and dusk.
4) Average lifespan of an Aedes mosquito in Nature is 2 weeks
5) The mosquito can lay eggs about 3 times in its lifetime, and about 100 eggs each time.
6) The eggs can lie dormant in dry conditions for up to about 9 months, after which they can hatch if exposed to water and food
7) There is no drug for Dengue Fever. Recover depends on you alone.

Dengue Hotline:
1800-X-DENGUE (1800-933 6483) or 1800-333 7777

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