Sunday, February 3, 2008

Comments Moderation

I had changed my setting in my blog to moderate new comments.
I spent nearly an hour cleaning up deframatory and uncalled comments today. The deframatory comments are against the company and some specific individuals.

I could have posted another article today if I had not wasted my time finding and deleting these comments.

Thank you for your participation in my blog. I will continue sharing my knowledge with you through layman terms.


Testing said...

First Test on the comment moderation by the author...

Anonymous said...

As owner of this blog you have every right to do whatever you want. But don't end like some of your colleagues' blog which looks nothing more than an advertising bill board.
These people fear criticism, alternative views, and attack. They may be hiding behind their incompetency. This is symptomatic of of incompetent salesmen.
I hope that you would not resort to this. You can see the fertility of your blog.Of course you get all sorts of plants growing but this is the risk you take.You need not afraid because you can censor the postings .